Lease-To-Own (Trio)


Program Information

Regional Housing Authority has partnered with Applied Residential Inc. to expand access to homeownership through the Trio Own Option Lease Program.  Trio Own Option Lease provides a pathway to homeownership that is targeted to families that would like to purchase a home but are not quite ready to buy. 

What is Trio?

Trio is a modern approach to homeownership. Trio is for those looking for a different option to traditional home financing. 

Specializing in lease-to-own agreements, Trio offers customers the ability to live in the home they choose, for one to five years until they are ready to purchase. Plus, Trio provides an assumable OwnOption mortgage that locks in interest rates at time of signing. All home equity above the affordable Trio option price passes through to customers once they purchase.

For families, young professionals, entrepreneurs, or anyone not wanting to pursue a traditional mortgage, Trio provides the means for successful homeownership. 

Qualifying for Trio is simple if you meet the following standards:

•Gross household income of at least $3,600/month.

•Have documentation to support income and positive housing history.

•Credit score of 580 or above.

•No active foreclosure or bankruptcy action.

•Cash, savings, retirement or gifted funds of at least 2 months of your desired lease payment.

How to apply?

Visit to apply and learn more about the program.  Applying is free and approval notification takes 2 business days. 


Because everyone deserves a home.